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Facility Security Clearances ebook

Updated for 2017, our ebook Facility Security Clearances: The Complete Guide To Getting One is a unique resource for those organizations seeking a facility security clearance. See below for more information.

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To meet the needs of organizations desiring to obtain a facility security clearance (FCL) but who are new to the process, we’ve created Facility Security Clearances: The Complete Guide to Getting One ebook in PDF format.

We've updated it for 2017!

Our comprehensive consulting services are the best option to guide an organization through the process quickly and smoothly with the least chance of rejection or trouble. But for organizations not needing or desiring consulting services, Facility Security Clearances: The Complete Guide to Getting One ebook is the next best resource to guide them through the process of obtaining a facility security clearance (FCL). 

Obtaining a facility security clearance (FCL) can be advantageous and lucrative for businesses. It opens up many opportunities for organizations both large and small to work on contracts involving classified national security information. There are several thousand organizations holding facility security clearances—from the big defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman on down to the tiny businesses run from the CEOs’ homes. Why not get your piece of the pie?

There is information on facility security clearances scattered about the Web. But some of the information is inaccurate and misleading. We even read it stated on a consultancy’s Web site that the federal government charges organizations thousands of dollars for a facility security clearance. Not so! The government doesn’t charge contractors a dime for facility security clearances. And though the Defense Security Service’s Facility Clearance Checklist Web page is authoritative, it is hardly thorough or practical; nor does it provide advice to optimize your chances of obtaining the clearance. That’s where the Facility Security Clearances: The Complete Guide to Getting One ebook comes in. It guides you step-by-step through the process from beginning to end and is packed with our insights gained from guiding our clients through the process. It includes:

Requirements your organization must meet to be eligible for an FCL

The hidden requirement that’s crucial for small businesses to understand—we tell you what it is and where it’s buried online

How to assess whether your organization is likely to be granted (or denied) an FCL

Justifications that can be used to sponsor your organization for an FCL

Why a third of FCL sponsorship requests are rejected and what you can do to prevent rejection

Our flowchart illustrating the process of obtaining an FCL 

Storing vs. not storing classified materials on your premises 

Answers to more than a dozen frequently-asked questions not found on the Defense Security Service’s Facility Clearance Checklist Web page

How long it takes to get a facility security clearance and what you can do to influence it

A free, simple, online search technique for uncovering federal contracting opportunities for your company that involve an FCL

Which employees of your company must obtain security clearances

Links to the necessary federal forms and instructions for completing them

Links to free, helpful resources

Lists of documents and information about your organization required for the FCL

Where you can locate your FCL

Determining the time and money costs of maintaining an FCL

An overview of how to maintain a facility security clearance—packed with sources of free information, training, and guidance

Why you must never advertise your facility security clearance

Issues to be aware of to keep your FCL from getting revoked

Our guidance on whether to hire a security specialist (Facility Security Officer) to maintain your facility security clearance—it’s not always necessary to hire new personnel!

Facility Security Clearances: The Complete Guide to Getting One ebook is updated for 2017 and contains a table of contents and an index so you can jump right to the topics and guidance you need. There's no need for a special e-reader device like a Kindle. Most computers, tablets, and smartphones can view PDF files like our ebook.